I officially started my photo business in 2009, and over the next 11 years, built a six-figure business, photographed hundreds of weddings and sessions and even opened a successful rental photo studio. All on my own. All editing, client meetings, communications, album design, blogging, marketing, etc., was all me.  As a perfectionist, it’s hard to let go of control, even when I was exhausted and burnt out.  On the bright side, I learned a lot over that time – especially how to keep multiple projects organized and on a deadline, and how to most efficiently complete tasks. 

After a move from Chicago to the Nashville area, I decided I needed a bit of a break from full-time wedding photography, but realized I hated the traffic, office small-talk, and rigid schedules found in a standard 9-5 job.  Around the same time, a good photographer friend mentioned she needed help with the admin side of her growing business.  Enter being a virtual assistant.  It was perfect for me – it utilized all the knowledge I gained as a business owner and photographer, fed my type-A personality, and (maybe best of all) could be done in comfy paints.  Additionally, I realized I could help creatives like me build their businesses and avoid burn out, which is something I care about on a deep level. 

On a personal note you can usually find me at home (introvert here) with my husband (whom I was lucky enough to meet back when I was 15), two cats, and a cup of coffee or tea in hand.  INFJ and 6w5.




I have two cats. Both are rescues, and both a little crazy. One is an ex-feral, and the other one is just orange.



I love the classics just as much as the bad BookTok books. I never go anywhere without a book (or two) on me.



I don’t know why they’re so addictive, but aside from our jungle of a house, we also have a massive veggie garden.



Aside from photography, it’s my artistic outlet. We’re always painting something or building a contraption.


You’re a business owner that feels overwhelmed and has a to-do list that never quite gets done. 

Or you may be keeping up with your must-do list, but you’re still not touching the things you’d like to do to grow your business.  When was the last time you blogged? Is your CRM workflow exactly how you’d like it?  Are your client guides four years old? Is your portfolio full of outdated work?

Or maybe you’re a parent or spouse and wish you could spend more time with your kid(s) or your significant other instead of being tied to your computer. 

Or perhaps you have a chronic illness and some days are harder than others, and you could use a second hand to pick up the slack on those days. 

If I just described you, I’ve been there, and it’s hard.  I want to help!

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