I am here to help - in a big way, or just occasionally as you need it. Discover what services are ideal for you, along with what types of things you can plan to hand off.


Unlike many other VAs, I was a long-time photographer myself, and still take on some small photo jobs.  That allows me to be cognizant of unspoken industry standards, means I require little to no hand-holding, and allows me provide a second set of trained eyes for all your photo curating needs. 

Additionally, for my full-service clients, I also take a look at your processes, where you’re leaving money on the table, and what we can do to elevate your client experience.  Then, unlike most business consultants, I actually help you implement new workflows and materials, while also reigning in the daily chaos.

In fact, even when working short term on à la carte projects, I view every assignment as a way to help build your business.  For blog posts, I’m going to SEO it as best as I can to get you more work.  Working on a new pricing guide?  I may suggest something you can add so it will be more eye-catching.

I truly want to see you succeed and want you to know I’m in your corner.  I want you to  not only get your life back, but also reach your business milestones. We all get second photographers in case something goes awry on a wedding day, so why not have one for your daily work?


My full-service package is for those who need a right-hand (wo)man to help with the daily operation of their business.  This flat rate option includes up to 10 hours a week of support, and access to services I do not provide à la carte.

Starting at $300/wk

  • CRM Management
  • Workflow development
  • Client correspondence
  • Gallery delivery
  • Blogging
  • Album design/coordination
  • Contract/invoice creation
  • Task management
  • Portfolio curation
  • Pricing guide/website updates
  • Blogging
  • Album design
  • Portfolio/image curation
  • Pricing guide/website updates
  • Workflow development
  • CRM data entry/setup


You’re not completely overwhelmed, but there are some jobs that you don’t love doing, but you should be doing. This is a perfect situation for a little à la carte help. 

Blog posts begin at $50


A short list of the tools I use most every day. If there is something specialized that you use and don’t see below, reach out to me.

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Bridge
  • Photo Mechanic
  • JPG Mini
  • Blogstomp
  • Smart Albums
  • Planoly
  • Later
  • Pic-Time
  • Pixieset
  • Tave
  • Dubsado
  • Honeybook
  • Aryeo
  • Acuity
  • Calendly
  • Trello
  • Session
  • Microsoft Word/Excel


I have been working as a virtual assistant for photographers for four years.  Before that, I was a full-time professional photographer for over 10 years, and currently still take on limited photography jobs to ensure that I stay current on trends and processes.  If you want to check out my work:

I take on a limited number of full-service clients so I can provide them with daily attention.  My roster is currently full, but email me at to get on my waiting list.

For a la carte services, I’m first-come, first-served. As a general rule, I am able to turn around blog posts and album design in about a week. For other services, I will provide an ETA upon submission.

Full-service contracts are $300/wk for up to 10 hours of help.

For à la carte services, most services are billed at $40/hour (with a time estimate provided before service begins).  Blogging begins at $50 for portrait blogs, and $75 for wedding blogs. 

For my full-service folk, I try to alleviate as much as their workload as possible, so I do most everything, but there are a few small things that I don’t feel are the best fit for my position:  I stay away from editing full galleries, and limit social media work to no more than 10% of my duties, since I feel that, otherwise, it can easily become the only thing I do.   And lastly, I don’t go near bookkeeping/taxes.

For a la carte services, I have found that the services listed above are the tasks that work best on an occasional basis, but feel free to reach out if you have other needs and we can discuss!